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Law School Admission Stats - Acceptance Rate, LSAT Score, and GPA

Law Schools accept a limited number of students, but as the low acceptance rate reflects, many students apply to law schools. In 2022, total 475,703 students applied and 135,643 students accepted, as the acceptance rate is 28.51%. The final number of enrolled students is 40,338 which means only 8.48% of applicants became low school students.
Georgetown University Law Center had the most applicants of 14,049 with 12.88% acceptance rate and University of South Dakota School of Law had the least number of applicants of 303 with 68.98% acceptance rate.
2022 Law Schools Admission Statistics
All Law SchoolsPublic Law SchoolsPrivate Law Schools
Acceptance Rate28.51%28.94%28.28%
Yield (Enrollment Rate)29.74%31.77%28.60%

What is the average LSAT to be accepted

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is one of the requirements and important consideration in law school admission process. Some schools does not require the LSAT score as "requirement", but still they consider in their selection process. In 2022, the average LSAT score is 158. In 15 schools, the average LSAT scores from enrolled students is above 170 and 64 schools have their scores between 160 to 170.
Most law schools do not have a minimum LSAT score requirement, but it is recommended that applicants have at least a 150 LSAT score.
2022 Law Schools Average LSAT Scores - Full-time Enrollment
All Law SchoolsPublic Law SchoolsPrivate Law Schools
25th Percentile155155155
50th Percentile158158158
75th Percentile161161160
2022 Law Schools Admission Statistics - Part-time Enrollment
All Law SchoolsPublic Law SchoolsPrivate Law Schools
25th Percentile151151151
50th Percentile154154155
75th Percentile158157158

Average GPA of accepted and enrolled students

In 2022, the average GPA score is 3.54 over all first-time law schools students who enrolled in law schools. In general, an undergraduate GPA 3.5 is assumed as the minimum score for acceptance.
2022 Law Schools Average GPA - Full-time Enrollment
All Law SchoolsPublic Law SchoolsPrivate Law Schools
25th Percentile3.283.313.25
50th Percentile3.553.593.52
75th Percentile3.733.773.69
2022 Law Schools Admission Statistics - Part-time Enrollment
All Law SchoolsPublic Law SchoolsPrivate Law Schools
25th Percentile3.003.022.99
50th Percentile3.323.353.31
75th Percentile3.583.603.56


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