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2024 ABA-Accredited Law Schools with Important Stats

ABA-accredited Law Schools 2024 At a Glance
SchoolStateAcceptance RateLSATGPATuitionFinancial AidTotal EnrollmentFirst-year EnrollmentBar Exam Pass RateStudents to Faculty Ratio
University of Akron School of LawOH62.07%1533.52$26,215$10,00043112273.87%6 to 1
The University of Alabama School of LawAL26.62%1673.95$44,470$22,00047312491.27%5 to 1
Albany Law SchoolNY54.87%1553.47$58,234$36,00069418970.81%7 to 1
Washington College of LawDC35.69%1623.63$63,088$40,0001,63540573.02%5 to 1
Appalachian School of LawGA54.19%1463.13$41,000$20,5001405551.22%6 to 1
Sandra Day O'Connor College of LawAZ21.28%1673.90$50,317$20,0001,60019582.26%7 to 1
James E. Rogers College of LawAZ29.35%1633.79$30,700$24,5002,51911872.06%15 to 1
University of Arkansas School of LawAR42.57%1563.71$39,733$9,00040212881.91%6 to 1
William H. Bowen School of LawAR58.99%1523.39$32,671$6,67643613270.29%4 to 1
Atlanta's John Marshall Law SchoolGA46.88%1503.19$52,006$3,96934912065.45%10 to 1
Ave Maria School of LawFL45.19%1523.35$49,656$34,50027410066.22%7 to 1
University of Baltimore School of LawMD58.66%1543.39$51,014$15,00073722160.47%5 to 1
Dwayne O. Andreas School of LawFL55.63%1493.24$43,150$16,75277124449.40%11 to 1
Baylor Law SchoolTX17.77%1643.73$61,877$33,0004189591.97%3 to 1
Belmont University College of LawTN39.62%1603.77$53,620$37,87535011587.07%7 to 1
Boston College Law SchoolMA13.38%1673.77$66,895$21,00076520591.77%4 to 1
Boston University School of LawMA17.82%1703.86$65,020$33,0001,07022090.58%5 to 1
J. Reuben Clark Law SchoolUT28.77%1683.94$30,152$14,6363799993.16%4 to 1
Brooklyn Law SchoolNY50.00%1603.56$70,356$33,8001,17737876.44%6 to 1
California Western School of LawCA55.38%1533.38$60,430$34,92062520853.49%7 to 1
Berkeley School of LawCA14.92%1703.87$74,995$27,1491,30231893.35%4 to 1
Davis School of Law CA28.99%1653.69$67,164$25,00071820681.78%7 to 1
Hastings College of the LawCA30.91%1603.59$55,207$20,0001,18535670.92%4 to 1
Irvine School of LawCA18.18%1673.72$68,190$27,50051014684.40%4 to 1
Los Angeles School of LawCA16.80%1703.92$68,700$20,0001,37630192.47%5 to 1
Norman Adrian Wiggins School of LawNC38.66%1553.48$49,730$16,25056018075.51%5 to 1
Capital University Law SchoolOH77.52%1503.45$42,875$19,00046314872.99%7 to 1
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of LawNY37.64%1643.79$70,646$35,0001,03031183.45%3 to 1
Case Western Reserve University School of LawOH41.79%1603.70$61,094$40,95066416186.84%6 to 1
Columbus School of LawDC31.83%1593.63$58,436$30,00040011478.15%4 to 1
Chapman University School of LawCA30.68%1613.67$61,286$56,36042213974.29%4 to 1
Charleston School of LawSC53.13%1533.49$46,134$18,00067525763.86%8 to 1
University of Chicago Law SchoolIL12.78%1733.94$77,877$15,00068618094.26%3 to 1
Chicago-Kent College of LawIL50.45%1593.67$55,327$33,50077721378.05%6 to 1
University of Cincinnati College of LawOH47.66%1583.80$29,010$16,94645512179.31%4 to 1
City University of New York School of LawNY39.89%1533.45$26,204$94667420774.56%7 to 1
Cleveland-Marshall College of LawOH35.88%1553.42$30,142$9,76850414877.95%2 to 1
University of Colorado Boulder School of LawCO34.24%1643.81$42,217$12,36052516184.38%4 to 1
Columbia Law SchoolNY12.23%1733.90$81,292$30,0001,74836393.72%4 to 1
University of Connecticut School of LawCT29.31%1603.71$62,550$15,17751714385.38%4 to 1
Cornell Law SchoolNY18.39%1723.90$77,593$30,00087518790.31%5 to 1
Creighton University School of LawNE71.36%1523.35$49,934$22,40038512969.16%6 to 1
University of Dayton School of LawOH34.30%1553.61$38,843$34,00055213575.58%5 to 1
Sturm College of LawCO50.37%1603.58$55,175$29,00092026778.22%6 to 1
DePaul University College of LawIL43.59%1573.59$52,145$30,00060315768.39%5 to 1
University of Detroit Mercy School of LawMI52.22%1543.46$46,724$19,27661921578.26%7 to 1
David A. Clarke School of LawDC44.34%1513.27$25,873$8,2922488033.85%4 to 1
Drake University Law SchoolIA69.42%1543.49$48,410$32,00038611388.35%4 to 1
Drexel University School of LawPA34.16%1593.70$54,600$30,00069314271.88%5 to 1
Duke University School of LawNC10.51%1703.87$75,618$30,00086823193.52%4 to 1
Duquesne Kline School of LawPA55.43%1563.55$55,500$28,19250916982.64%5 to 1
Elon University School of LawNC45.93%1533.43$58,256$20,03644516651.20%7 to 1
Emory University School of LawGA40.87%1663.82$65,510$37,00087928286.64%4 to 1
Thomas Goode Jones School of LawAL58.25%1503.21$39,900$15,60032511865.91%8 to 1
Florida A&M University College of LawFL35.83%1513.52$32,936$8,00034712453.57%7 to 1
Florida International University College of LawFL25.18%1603.74$36,049$10,68359118180.25%5 to 1
Florida State University College of LawFL21.12%1653.85$40,705$8,2411,31113977.21%10 to 1
Levin College of LawFL17.01%1693.91$38,040$21,80476217776.78%3 to 1
Fordham University School of LawNY21.13%1673.75$72,282$31,6001,57543189.03%4 to 1
George Mason University School of LawVA14.03%1683.89$42,798$25,3549249787.41%3 to 1
The George Washington University Law SchoolDC28.72%1683.85$69,740$25,0001,87051486.05%3 to 1
Georgetown University Law CenterDC19.57%1713.91$75,950$35,0003,03057091.63%4 to 1
Georgia State University College of LawGA31.03%1593.56$36,810$9,80467619779.04%5 to 1
University of Georgia School of LawGA14.77%1693.83$37,752$10,86269415989.06%6 to 1
Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of LawCA22.43%1533.28$56,000$35,0003002545.38%4 to 1
Gonzaga University School of LawMA61.67%1543.48$53,604$29,50055319571.43%7 to 1
Harvard Law SchoolMA9.58%1743.93$75,008$31,2402,03145598.46%5 to 1
William S. Richardson School of LawHI28.80%1573.48$46,588$6,0003139071.43%3 to 1
Hofstra University School of LawNY50.38%1563.59$68,860$35,00085726969.41%6 to 1
University of Houston Law CenterTX32.27%1613.72$50,132$11,50086625983.90%4 to 1
Howard University School of LawDC33.55%1553.43$38,612$13,09048817865.41%4 to 1
University of Idaho College of LawID75.27%1513.35$45,168$9,61842216163.06%4 to 1
University of Illinois College of LawIL43.69%1653.75$51,893$35,90068315990.48%5 to 1
Maurer School of LawIN46.86%1643.86$62,526$35,00061115382.46%5 to 1
Robert H. McKinney School of LawIN62.29%1553.61$51,623$13,00089324973.21%4 to 1
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of LawPR58.41%1423.36$14,510$3,90168118349.54%7 to 1
University of Iowa College of LawIA47.71%1633.76$51,955$28,04555515384.72%6 to 1
University of Illinois Chicago School of LawIL69.53%1523.39$39,708$22,50099034052.27%5 to 1
University of Kansas School of LawKS48.71%1603.71$29,739$12,75040011285.44%5 to 1
University of Kentucky College of LawKY52.54%1573.67$51,380$13,00041015282.89%5 to 1
Lewis & Clark Law SchoolOR67.88%1603.59$56,346$26,00066015778.61%4 to 1
Liberty University School of LawVA56.43%1543.56$42,981$23,00083710576.81%23 to 1
Duncan School of LawTN52.17%1513.49$41,310$18,49537214662.20%7 to 1
Paul M. Hebert Law CenterLA48.93%1573.65$39,105$13,00062620383.87%6 to 1
Louis D. Brandeis School of LawLA57.64%1563.68$30,400$18,00037311565.59%6 to 1
Loyola Law SchoolCA33.92%1613.71$65,912$40,0001,13231479.94%6 to 1
Loyola University Chicago School of LawIL43.92%1603.60$56,186$30,7001,12327379.09%4 to 1
Loyola University New Orleans College of LawLA64.71%1513.37$52,350$27,00061020671.43%6 to 1
University of Maine School of LawME58.29%1573.62$40,640$20,0002708476.32%3 to 1
Marquette University Law SchoolWI45.51%1553.61$49,710$21,500593195100.00%5 to 1
University of Maryland School of LawMD30.18%1633.76$52,538$25,00078621680.00%4 to 1
McGeorge School of LawCA61.31%1553.40$59,580$28,67966619757.52%5 to 1
Cecil C. Humphreys School of LawTN43.66%1553.40$25,262$7,9912837565.05%5 to 1
Mercer Law SchoolGA46.98%1553.59$43,132$16,00039915077.59%5 to 1
University of Miami School of LawFL32.94%1623.72$62,406$40,0001,34735169.84%4 to 1
Michigan State University College of LawMI39.37%1593.55$47,984$35,00064320377.46%6 to 1
University of Michigan Law SchoolMI12.58%1713.85$72,584$30,00097827595.48%5 to 1
University of Minnesota Law SchoolMN39.76%1683.85$58,396$30,00072021493.48%2 to 1
Mississippi College School of LawMS67.41%1503.33$38,202$20,00036212765.38%8 to 1
University of Mississippi School of LawMS43.53%1573.62$38,880$10,00053116664.89%7 to 1
University of Missouri School of LawMO52.49%1603.70$29,877$23,00042412190.59%7 to 1
University of Missouri - Kansas City School of LawMO58.87%1543.55$29,359$5,80041813378.63%4 to 1
Mitchell Hamline School of LawMN67.43%1513.26$52,620$33,1901,28133471.60%9 to 1
University of Montana School of LawMT71.49%1543.48$47,795$5,0003629683.10%9 to 1
University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of LawNE65.90%1583.75$37,442$16,06846614785.83%5 to 1
William S. Boyd School of LawNV33.59%1603.78$42,168$14,33545613172.54%4 to 1
New England School of LawMA74.29%1533.44$57,298$42,5001,08337574.46%7 to 1
University of New Hampshire School of LawNH57.38%1553.41$48,320$19,00068022586.90%4 to 1
University of New Mexico School of LawNM53.48%1553.61$44,158$6,5763128981.08%3 to 1
New York Law SchoolNY53.11%1563.51$64,824$37,5001,06234672.51%4 to 1
New York University School of LawNY16.76%1723.90$80,014$25,0002,09440794.90%5 to 1
North Carolina Central University School of LawNC34.62%1493.35$39,042$10,40543012242.86%7 to 1
University of North Carolina School of LawNC16.27%1663.78$48,204$15,00057217493.75%4 to 1
University of North Dakota School of LawND62.01%1503.37$32,648$4,5852388363.01%7 to 1
Northeastern University School of LawMA37.27%1633.72$60,562$32,00095022989.44%6 to 1
Northern Illinois University College of LawIL54.48%1503.43$23,553$8,27431710358.59%5 to 1
Salmon P. Chase College of LawKY71.91%1523.38$38,165$18,00037512569.91%6 to 1
Northwestern Pritzker School of LawIL15.53%1723.92$74,552$40,0001,18922892.89%5 to 1
Notre Dame Law SchoolIL24.39%1693.83$68,554$30,00056517392.72%4 to 1
Shepard Broad Law CenterFL55.11%1533.36$47,539$15,00088121355.42%9 to 1
Claude W. Pettit College of LawOH68.25%1483.40$34,650$21,0001968573.17%8 to 1
Michael E. Moritz College of LawOH33.08%1653.83$49,292$24,29056415889.89%4 to 1
Oklahoma City University School of LawOK65.40%1493.36$37,500$14,00042714457.34%6 to 1
University of Oklahoma College of LawOK47.23%1593.71$36,653$11,0001,10516585.19%16 to 1
University of Oregon School of LawOR75.23%1583.52$57,586$22,00051315681.16%6 to 1
Pace University School of LawNY53.34%1523.47$53,886$28,00086228162.89%6 to 1
Penn State Dickinson LawPA35.37%1623.63$57,902$56,59231110288.31%5 to 1
Penn State LawPA36.94%1613.77$56,436$54,74455312986.29%8 to 1
University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolPA9.88%1723.92$76,934$40,0001,04823193.77%4 to 1
Pepperdine University School of LawCA28.18%1643.86$68,046$35,0001,11417379.50%8 to 1
University of Pittsburgh Law SchoolPA39.45%1603.56$50,634$28,19255911176.47%3 to 1
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of LawPR39.88%1383.32$16,803$1,45054211035.29%7 to 1
University of Puerto Rico School of LawPR42.35%1483.76$8,680$50046112368.29%5 to 1
Quinnipiac University School of LawCT58.33%1533.51$54,880$18,89536510864.41%3 to 1
Regent University School of LawVA40.88%1573.68$41,496$25,20094410892.59%15 to 1
University of Richmond School of LawVA41.46%1643.75$53,440$30,00040813476.38%3 to 1
Roger Williams University School of LawRI65.19%1503.30$46,464$25,86951614647.41%5 to 1
Rutgers Law School - Camden campusNJ38.88%1573.60$46,695$16,0001,33939068.73%6 to 1
Saint Louis University School of LawNY61.90%1553.59$48,594$24,00056117872.83%5 to 1
Cumberland School of LawAL55.67%1553.61$45,236$16,00048714883.69%7 to 1
University of San Diego School of LawCA33.61%1613.80$62,981$33,00097424976.33%6 to 1
University of San Francisco School of LawCA55.23%1533.46$54,250$25,00061215858.06%7 to 1
Santa Clara University School of LawCA52.43%1593.55$59,254$30,00066224064.62%4 to 1
Seattle University School of LawWA52.26%1573.51$57,015$25,00075021376.44%5 to 1
Seton Hall University School of LawNJ45.58%1603.66$66,780$40,0001,06423585.71%7 to 1
University of South Carolina School of LawSC34.00%1603.70$41,500$9,06261320076.88%5 to 1
University of South Dakota School of LawSD76.16%1513.56$36,333$5,0002448072.15%5 to 1
South Texas College of LawTX44.04%1533.36$41,110$10,0001,03637677.82%8 to 1
Gould School of LawCA12.52%1693.88$78,038$40,0001,43617889.00%8 to 1
Southern Illinois University School of LawIL60.47%1493.30$21,555$5,29427310853.42%6 to 1
Dedman School of LawTX32.69%1643.83$63,502$25,00072518785.28%5 to 1
Southern University Law CenterLA53.46%1473.12$30,034$11,50087423155.24%7 to 1
Southwestern Law SchoolCA49.85%1553.44$58,392$27,77195534560.14%5 to 1
St. John's University School of LawNY41.48%1623.71$71,664$67,80086326985.53%5 to 1
St. Mary's University School of LawTX35.94%1523.38$44,779$11,00088428171.63%8 to 1
St. Thomas University School of LawFL51.44%1523.40$46,200$22,00073924060.44%6 to 1
University of St. Thomas School of LawMN72.17%1553.62$48,379$25,42152515586.81%3 to 1
Stanford Law SchoolCA7.26%1733.95$73,713$34,19968215794.41%4 to 1
Stetson University College of LawFL38.39%1583.59$51,708$25,00094828963.39%5 to 1
Suffolk University Law SchoolMA64.30%1543.55$57,748$21,0001,28838871.10%8 to 1
Syracuse University College of LawNY42.59%1573.58$62,050$27,00074323170.11%8 to 1
Beasley School of LawPA39.40%1633.65$46,776$28,42096720883.06%4 to 1
University of Tennessee College of LawTN30.21%1623.78$39,152$7,00041714188.39%4 to 1
Texas A&M University School of LawTX14.64%1663.97$48,618$27,0001,68313987.86%10 to 1
University of Texas School of LawTX14.90%1713.86$54,096$18,0001,00525190.39%3 to 1
Thurgood Marshall School of LawTX39.65%1503.16$29,497$4,20756819944.51%7 to 1
Texas Tech University School of LawTX38.08%1583.63$39,232$10,00043915279.51%7 to 1
University of Toledo College of LawOH61.59%1513.53$25,484$20,00035310365.96%7 to 1
Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law CenterNY50.49%1513.22$57,545$21,80054217256.44%6 to 1
Tulane University School of LawLA48.01%1613.64$67,780$35,00089720374.70%7 to 1
University of Tulsa College of LawOK43.17%1563.53$29,864$8,5003238071.43%6 to 1
University at Buffalo Law SchoolNY41.08%1563.72$33,550$10,00082313971.85%8 to 1
University of Massachusetts School of LawMA67.27%1503.39$41,272$14,00035411154.02%6 to 1
UNT Dallas College of LawTX30.06%1533.43$32,008$3,00041713760.75%8 to 1
S.J. Quinney College of LawUT30.20%1643.85$43,598$19,1733209694.17%3 to 1
Vanderbilt University Law SchoolTN16.76%1703.89$72,184$33,00055516392.05%4 to 1
Vermont Law SchoolVT64.19%1513.30$51,700$30,00058220153.57%3 to 1
Villanova University School of LawPA22.50%1643.80$56,215$35,00077715780.90%7 to 1
University of Virginia School of LawVA11.46%1713.94$74,200$30,00096027795.36%3 to 1
Wake Forest University School of LawNC31.47%1653.79$54,192$40,00068217589.84%6 to 1
Washburn University School of LawKS66.10%1543.59$39,900$3,0303059776.92%5 to 1
Washington and Lee University School of LawVA31.44%1653.72$55,550$32,50038012490.27%4 to 1
Washington University School of LawMO17.16%1733.95$67,744$42,0001,34122892.34%6 to 1
University of Washington School of LawWA34.67%1643.74$55,617$13,00071517689.40%5 to 1
Wayne State University Law SchoolMI27.41%1623.83$41,388$31,00048012684.07%4 to 1
West Virginia University College of LawWV45.13%1553.59$42,120$10,00031410759.18%5 to 1
Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law SchoolMI46.15%1483.07$46,240$11,88647214636.00%5 to 1
Western New England University School of LawMA59.82%1503.30$50,070$30,0003658667.16%4 to 1
Western State College of LawCA45.14%1523.16$49,848$30,72033211746.67%5 to 1
Widener Law CommonwealthPA65.00%1483.34$57,470$24,00037414547.87%7 to 1
Willamette University College of LawOR69.34%1523.26$50,944$20,00034811572.22%6 to 1
Marshall-Wythe School of LawVA27.31%1663.77$66,043$25,06755614693.90%4 to 1
University of Wisconsin Law SchoolMI35.58%1653.79$52,893$29,99272916475.00%6 to 1
University of Wyoming College of LawWY55.09%1543.51$36,426$8,0002268161.43%6 to 1
Yale Law SchoolCT5.58%1753.96$73,865$32,85270517995.77%3 to 1
Widener Law DelawareDE67.83%1503.26$57,470$32,00077024051.65%8 to 1


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Law School Admission Stats - Acceptance Rate, LSAT Score, and GPA

Law Schools accept a limited number of students, but as the low acceptance rate reflects, many students apply to law schools. For the academic year 2023-2024, total 414,758 students applied and 130,837 students accepted, as the acceptance rate is 31.55%. The final number of enrolled students is 36,756 which means only 8.86% of applicants became low school students. Georgetown University Law Center had the most applicants of 10,827 with 19.57% acceptance rate and University of South Dakota School of Law had the least number of applicants of 302 with 76.16% acceptance rate. 2023-2024 Law Schools Admission Statistics All Law Schools Public Law Schools Private Law Schools Applicants 414,758 149,858 264,900 Accepted 130,837 46,819 84,018 Enrolled 36,756 13,829 22,927 Acceptance Rate 31.55% 31.24% 31.72% Yield (Enrollme

2024 Law Schools Fast Facts

For the academic year 2023-2024, 196 ABA-accredited law schools are offering J.D. (Juris Doctor) programs excluding 3 law schools on teach-out plan. By school type, there are 86 public and 110 law schools offering J.D. programs. How tight to admit to Law Schools? The law school admission is competitive with low acceptance rate and high LSAT score and GPA. The 2024 average acceptance rate is 42.40% over the 196 ABA-accredited law schools. Especially, most high-ranked law schools have very selective rate. In 4 schools, the acceptance rate is below 10% and additional 24 schools have their rate below 20%. One of most important thing to get into law schools is the LSAT score. The average LSAT score is 159 in 2024. 19 law schools have the LSAT score of 170 or higher which is very competitive score, and 66 schools' scores sit on between 160 and 170. Along with LSAT score, the GPA is also required to apply to law schools, and the average GPA is 3.61 in 4.0 scale

Selection Criteria Beyond LSAT and GPA

While LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA are still important factor, non-numeric factors are becoming more importnat in the law school selection process.Because law school admissions committees are looking for applicants who are "talented, diverse, and engaged," applicants should prepare for more than just the LSAT and GPA. See the selection criteria and admission policy of some law schools. We do not utilize a GPA or standardized test score cutoff of any kind in our review process. - Yale Law Schools Thus, the College of Law seeks to enroll students who, collectively, bring to its educational program a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, interests, and perspectives. - Levin College of Law, UF The Committee evaluates the academic potential of applicants through a thorough assessment of each applicant's academic record, professional and educational experiences, and accomplishments. In addition, the Committee identifies candidates who will enhance the prof